Twitter: What is the Role in Marketing?

Twitter: What is the Role in Marketing?

More than 600 million people today use twitter to find important quotes and tags and about 10B people use twitter to post their insights on certain topics and to mingle with others as well. Twitter was established as an element in a social media marketing campaign and it’s not amazing though that the success of a company sometimes lie in the effectiveness of social media marketing. Twitter is different from other social media forms because its users are well educated and more than 16% of them have masters and advance degrees in their fields. There are certain reasons why you should incorporate twitter marketing to your campaign.

  • Be known

Twitter has 3rd party applications that offer people with various options to stay within the loop. This will enable people to always stay online and be able to monitor the posts. There are also analytical tools for people to find what others are saying right away. You will be on top of your competitors and you can be on top of your brand if you will make twitter a part of your life.

  • Link building

Because it is essential in online marketing, you can build reciprocal links. It’s as if mentioning a company more, the higher the page ranking, and presence will be on famous search engines. As soon as a tweet becomes viral and famous to users, you will get more links and page views as well which will eventually become a part of a social index.

  • Personalize the face of your business

One of the hardest tasks in business these days is how to personalize a page to be able to fit into the needs of the audience. Other companies are spending a lot on logos and giveaways to draw customers closer to them, just by simply customizing the face of your twitter profile, you will be able to encourage a lot of viewers as well.

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