Twitter Marketing Trends in 2012: What you should know

Twitter was already been proven to be one of the best marketing tools for businesses. Along with Facebook and other top Social Networks, one’s marketing strategy can be very robust and a huge boost is surely to be felt in its results.

So we are now on the 3rd quarter of 2012 – there have been a lot of hot trends that are happening on Twitter land. If you feel that you are missing out, then this article would be great help for you.

1. Optimized Twitter Profile Designs.

Recently, Twitter has rolled out the header display on Twitter profiles. The new feature pretty much puts highlight on someone’s display picture and info. A good way to optimize your header display is to select dark toned photos so that your info will be visible (personal info is in white font color).

Customized backgrounds have been around but a new way to optimize it is to add up some attractive typography which invites people to visit your other channels. Make sure you utilize the blank spaces on each sides of your twitter profile and fill it with attractive typography and images.

A lot of people also change their display/profile pictures frequently with some sort of themes depending on any significant events.

2. Getting Retweets from Twitter Personas with huge number of followers.

One of the most effective ways of driving tons of traffic is getting the help of twitter personas with large fan bases – this is done by letting them mention your brand or retweet your tweet to their followers.

3. Running Twitter Giveaways

This thing goes simultaneously with Facebook – which is really a great way to attract more people to like and follow you. This is very simple – you just have to give away some cool items like your products or services, gifts cards, etc. The mechanics is usually letting them follow you twitter, retweet your tweet about your giveaway. You can also attract a lot of people to your Facebook Page by telling them to like and share your page for more chances of winning.

Now that you already know the hottest trends on Twitter, how about starting one of these great marketing practices?

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