Celebrity Political Campaign India

Celebrity Political Campaign India

Glamour has been an integral part of every election in India and celebrities have an overwhelming presence on either side of the election campaigns. Celebrity political campaign is now used as a political communication and marketing mix during elections.

During the last one decade, celebrities have assumed a significant role in the political realm, especially during elections.

Political parties utilize celebrities during elections to mobilize young voters who instantly connect with the celebrities, which change their voting behaviors.

Young voters perceive voting during elections as a waste of time and have an apathetic view of the political process. Linking celebrities to execute political tasks is the strategy used by political parties to leverage these young voters, which is frequently overlooked.

Celebrities and politicians are like two sides of a coins and their combination covers the weakness they individually have.

Politicians usually have real credibility but are not liked whereas celebrities are admired and well-liked but do have the respectability or credibility to their names.

Politicians and celebrities when they team up stand a good chance to win the elections.

Political parties do celebrity political campaigns because they believe that celebrities support a cause of a party or candidate the general public, media and policy makers take note of it. The influence and visibility a celebrity portrays makes them as endorsers of political parties and candidates.

Celebrity Political Campaigns even if they do not convert into votes it can generate funds, which can be used to engage with the younger generation voters and to rebrand a politicians image.

In India, Celebrity political campaigns have grown over the years even their understanding of the common mans problems or the certain challenges being faced by the country is minimal.

The general public has a habit of taking shortcuts when they make a decision to vote for a particular candidate, and Celebrity Political Campaigns makes it easy for the voters to decide on the candidate because they see the celebrity they admire in that candidate who in turn gives them a choice among candidates.

Celebrity Political Campaigns works like magic in India because public attend a political rally only to see their favorite star.

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